Centre for Healthcare Modelling and Informatics

Who are we?

The Centre for Healthcare Modelling and Informatics (formerly known as the Healthcare Computing Group) is based in the School of Computing (SoC) at the University of Portsmouth.

We are a group of academics, research fellows, research students and administrators.

Members of the Group

What do we do?

We do research and knowledge transfer in health informatics. We are the foremost academic health informatics group in our region (south coast of England).

Mission of the Group

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Current areas of research focus

PhD students

How to apply for a PhD in the group

please mention the name of one of the group's academic staff in your application so that when it arrives in the University it is directed to the appropriate department

What is SIHI?

SIHI is the Southern Institute for Health Informatics - an informal grouping of organisations who are working in the field of health informatics in the south of England. Our "region" spans the south coast running roughly from Poole in Dorset to Hastings in East Sussex. It arranges an annual conference held in Portsmouth.

What is health informatics?

Health informatics is the application of computer science and information technology to healthcare.


Clinical outcome modelling

Digital wellbeing


Other current and recent projects

Recent publications


February 2016 Announced that this year's SIHI Conference will take place on 20th May
February 2016 PhD in modelling clinical processes using clinical data advertised
October 2015 Caroline Kovacs appointed as Senior Research Associate on the Missed Care project
October 2015 Joanne Jenkins starts her PhD studies
September 2015 SIHI 2015 conference
August 2015 Official start date of the HAVEN project
June 2015 Official start date of the "Missed Care" project
June 2015 Sixth "Healthy Computing" workshop
May 2015 KTP project with Lane Telecoms rated "Good" by Technology Strategy Board.
April 2015 Self-funded PhD opportunity advertised: Using statistical and data mining models to support clinical processes
February 2015 Stuart Jarvis (now University of York) appointed as a Visiting Research Fellow.
February 2015 Simarjot Dahella starts his PhD studies
February 2015 Completion of the KTP project with Lane Telecoms Ltd
February 2015 Awarded some funding that we can't tell you about yet!
September 2014 SIHI 2014 Conference
June 2014 Fifth "Healthy Computing" workshop
April 2014 Self-funded PhD opportunity in clinical outcome modelling
February 2014 Bola Adeyeye starts her PhD studies
October 2013 Angie Brown, Paul Fremantle and Caroline Kovacs start their PhD studies

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