Centre for Healthcare Modelling and Informatics


October 2015 Caroline Kovacs appointed as Senior Research Associate on the Missed Care project
October 2015 Joanne Jenkins starts her PhD studies
September 2015 SIHI 2015 conference
August 2015 Official start date of the HAVEN project
June 2015 Official start date of the "Missed Care" project
June 2015 Sixth "Healthy Computing" workshop
May 2015 KTP project with Lane Telecoms rated "Good" by Technology Strategy Board.
April 2015 Self-funded PhD opportunity advertised: Using statistical and data mining models to support clinical processes
February 2015 Stuart Jarvis (now University of York) appointed as a Visiting Research Fellow.
February 2015 Simarjot Dahella starts his PhD studies
February 2015 Completion of the KTP project with Lane Telecoms Ltd
September 2014 SIHI 2014 Conference
June 2014 Fifth "Healthy Computing" workshop
April 2014 Self-funded PhD opportunity in clinical outcome modelling
February 2014 Bola Adeyeye starts her PhD studies
October 2013 Angie Brown, Paul Fremantle and Caroline Kovacs start their PhD studies
September 2013 SIHI 2013 Conference
September 2013 Tessy Badriyah completes her PhD on "Developing risk of mortality and early warning score models using routinely collected data"
August 2013 Stuart Jarvis has been appointed as Senior Research Associate working on clinical outcome modelling
May 2013 Fourth "Healthy Computing" workshop
February 2013 Haythem Nakkas starts his PhD studies
January 2013 Adesina Iluyemi completes his PhD entitled "National e-health innovation: conduct of international e-health technology transfers in Africa"
January 2013 Eligio Becerra appointed as KTP Associate on the partnership project with Lane Telecoms Ltd. Formal start of the project.
October 2012 Claire Ancient starts her PhD studies
September 2012 Third "Healthy Computing" workshop
September 2012 SIHI 2012 Conference
August 2012 Ugur Sezerman from Sabanci University (Istanbul) visits
June 2012 Jim Briggs attends JADE workshop in Helsinki
April 2012 First outcomes group meeting
March 2012 Jim Briggs and Dick Curry attend JADE workshop in Grenoble
March 2012 Stuart Jarvis and Caroline Kovacs appointed to work on clinical outcomes
January 2012 Mohammmed Mohammed and Vishnal Nangalia appointed as visiting fellows to work on clinical outcomes
September 2011 SIHI 2011 Conference
September 2011 Christian Chislett leaves his RA position but remains as a PhD student
June 2011 Workplace Telecare Showcase completed in Second Life
May 2011 Second "Healthy Computing" workshop
March 2011 Workplace telecare showcase project started
January 2011 David Prytherch appointed as Visiting Professor
November 2010 Obi Onyimadu leaves us to work for Passivsystems
September 2010 David Robinson attended ICT 2010 in Brussels
September 2010 SIHI 2010 Conference
May 2010 First "Healthy Computing" workshop