Centre for Healthcare Modelling and Informatics

Healthy Computing Workshop

On Wednesday 1st June 2011, we held a second workshop aimed at bringing together all the people in the University who are research active in the broad intersection between "computing" and "health".

The format was quite simple. Each participant was given 5 minutes to summarise their work and interests, supported by a few PowerPoint slides that were collected together to document the event. Here are those slides.


Jim Briggs

Prof David Prytherch: keynote

Telecare/Digital Wellbeing

Richard Curry

David Robinson

Rinat Khusainov

Richie Sethi @ KGS

Christian Chislett

Sebastian Bersch

Penny Ross

Deb Prytherch / Jane Chandler


Philip Scott

Adesina Iluyemi

Tessy Badriyah

Paul Gnanayutham

Roger Eglin / Peter Nolan

Honghai Liu

Wendy Powell / Vaughan Powell

Alex Gegov

Djamila Ouelhadj / Simon Martin


Lynda Povey – PurpleDoor support

Jim Briggs – summing up