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2006 Conference

Health Informatics and the Chronic Conditions


22nd September 2006

SIHI 2006
Friday 22nd September 2006
Richmond Building
University of Portsmouth
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Health Informatics and the Chronic Conditions

The theme for this, the eighth, SIHI conference is the contribution that health informatics can make to the management of chronic conditions.

Conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma, cancer and mental health problems impose severe demands on the resources of the health service. For example, according to the Wanless Report, 9% of NHS costs were spent on diabetes related care in 2000. With people living longer, the incidence of these conditions is rising, and consequently the NHS must rise to meet their challenges.

Among the initiatives announced in the 2006 White Paper Our health, our care, our say: a new direction for community services are:

  • specialist clinics in the primary care sector for these conditions
  • increased integration of health care and social care
  • health MoTs for the early detection of illnesses
  • increased involvement of the private and voluntary sector
  • "information prescriptions" to enable people to take care of their own condition
  • shifting resources into prevention

All of these pose immense demands on the service in terms of making sure that the appropriate information is available to (i) clinicians; (ii) administrators; and (iii) the patients and their carers. It is further complicated by the need to bridge the acute and community care sectors.


The aims of the conference are to explore:

  • What are the special demands that chronic conditions place on information services?
  • How can information be used to inform care management decisions?
  • What information is needed to help patients' care for themselves better and how is it best delivered?
  • Will these developments result in a more efficient service?
  • What are the informatics barriers to be broken down between primary and secondary care?

The conference will address these and related issues and showcase some recent developments (locally, nationally and internationally) that will contribute to improving care and patients' experience of the health service.


Proposals are invited for presentations that address any of the above issues. Please send a 100-150 word abstract of your proposed talk to the Programme Chair as soon as possible. Proposals will be considered up until the time when the programme is finalised.


If you'd like to participate in the conference, either as a speaker or as a delegate, please contact us.

We'll let you know when the programme is arranged and when registration is open.

The conference will bring together those who are working on all aspects of health informatics, including:

  • clinicians of all types,
  • administrators,
  • system developers
  • academics
  • and others with an interest in the application of ICT to deliver better health care

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