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Southern Institute for
Health Informatics

2006 Conference

Health Informatics and the Chronic Conditions


22nd September 2006

SIHI 2006
Friday 22nd September 2006
Richmond Building
University of Portsmouth
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Speakers will include:

Sir Muir Gray
Muir Gray

Muir Gray is Programmes Director of the UK National Screening Programme, and also Director of Clinical Knowledge, Process and Safety for the National Programme for IT, responsible for the National Library for Health and the National Knowledge Service, reflecting his principal interests in recent years in screening and knowledge management. He was knighted in 2005 for the development of the Fetal, Maternal and Child Screening Programme and the creation of the National Knowledge Service and the National Library for Health.

Barbara Stuttle CBE
Barbara Stuttle

Barbara Stuttle CBE is director of primary care and modernisation at Thurrock PCT and one of the clinical leads for nursing at NHS Connecting for Health.

Prof Martin Severs
Martin Severs

Martin Severs is currently the Chairman of the NHS Information Standards Board. As well as being a practicing Consultant Geriatrician, Martin is also the Associate Dean in Clinical Practice within the Science Faculty at the University of Portsmouth and a Non-Executive Director of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Strategic Health Authority.

Dr Steffen Bayer
Steffen Bayer

Steffen Bayer is a Research Fellow in the Innovation Studies Centre at the Tanaka Business School, Imperial College. His main research interests are innovation in health care, in particular home-based technology supported health delivery, and the management of project based organisations. He uses a variety of approaches in his research including system dynamics simulation.

His topic is: "Modelling and planning care services for long-term conditions"

Dr Beverly Castleton
Beverley Castleton

Beverly Castleton is Associate Medical Director of North Surrey PCT.

As a clinician, she is actively engaged in making the Single Assessment Process for Older People an integral part of care delivery and linking this to the Chronic Disease Management agenda across her Strategic Health Authority.  

She is Clinical Lead for the Single Assessment Process for the Southern Cluster LSP and Chairman of the Steering Group developing Best Practice for SAP across London and the Southern Clusters.  In addition she chairs the Clinical Advisory Group for Surrey Sussex Strategic Health Authority, encouraging clinical involvement in the development of the National Programme for IT. Her research interests lie in the use of Telecare in the delivery of services to older people and those with chronic disease, such as movement disorders, with research links to Imperial College, London. She is a member of the National Telecare Advisory Network.

Her title will be "Telecare - a new model of managing chronic disease".

Dr Anoop Chauhan
Anoop Chauhan

Anoop Chauhan is a busy NHS physician (at St Mary's Hospital, Portsmouth), an examiner for the National Respiratory Training Centre, represents the British Thoracic Society Research Committee and has been involved in writing guidelines and a likely NSF for airways diseases.

Anoop has an interest in airways diseases and his recent epidemiological models of air pollution and asthma has shown that nitrogen dioxide exposure before a cold worsens an asthma exacerbation and that other indoor pollutants also trigger virus-induced asthma symptoms. His current work is in developing clinical prediction models of morbidity and mortality in COPD relating to systemic inflammation using NHS datasets, and another longitudinal questionnaire study predicting COPD events. 

The title of his talk will be “Morbidity and Mortality in COPD: Construction and Validation of a Clinical Prediction Model”

Dr Robert Dunlop
Robert Dunlop

Dr Robert Dunlop trained as a specialist in general internal medicine in New Zealand.  From 1986-88, he worked as Lecturer in the Care of the Dying at St Bartholomew's Hospital, London, England.  Dr Dunlop served as the Medical Director and Chief Executive of St Christopher's Hospice, London from 1992 until July 2000. 

He is currently the Clinical Director of InferMed Ltd, a London-based company that specialises in clinical decision support software.  He is involved in projects that deliver expert decision support for pain control in cancer patients.  Other applications include RetroGram for drug resistance in HIV, and the Early Referrals Application (ERA), which is used by family physicians in the UK to assess the degree of urgency for referring patients with potential cancer.  Other projects include genetic risk assessment decision and referral support, and a partnership with the British Medical Journal to provide customised patient-specific Clinical Evidence.

His topic will be "Computer Interpretable Guidelines and Chronic Disease Management"

Adrian Flowerday
Adrian Flowerday

Adrian Flowerday is Managing Director of Docobo Ltd, and a Chartered Engineer with over 20 years of experience developing technology  based solutions for a range of areas including radar, sonar, imaging and medical. Docobo was formed in 2001 to develop and market doc@HOME®, a platform enabling healthcare staff to manage patients with long term conditions in their own homes. In his role as managing director, Adrian has directed the development of the system as a qualified medical device, and developed the business offering to enable such a new concept to be rolled out into mainstream practice within the NHS and other international healthcare systems.

His title will be "Using TeleHealth for managing chronic disease at home and in the community"

Andy Hadley
Andy Hadley

Andy Hadley is the Informatics Programme Manager for East Dorset. He migrated from the clinical computing end of Medical Physics through managing the information and then IT functions of a busy Acute Hospital. He has spent the last three years co-ordinating the Informatics agenda for the East Dorset Health Community, and within that, responding to the National Programme agenda. He is a recent graduate of the Erasmus International Masters programme in Healthcare Informatics, Rotterdam, and contributes to the Southern Cluster Technical Advisory and N3 groups and amongst other things, a number of initiatives to use existing IT to support chronic disease management in advance of NPfIT solutions.

His title is:"What are we building to support care for chronic conditions: A view from the Jurassic Coast"

Dr Tapio Jokinen
Tapio Jokinen

Dr. Tapio Jokinen, M.D. is the CEO and founder of Medixine Ltd. His work has been involved with healthcare IT since the 80's, first in the field of clinical neurophysiology and, for the past 10 years, in communication solutions for disease management. Medixine provides multimodal communication software, including mobile solutions for patients.

His topic will be "Piloting a multimodal medication management system"

Dr Richard Pope
Richard Pope

Richard Pope is a diabetologist and Medical Director of Airedale NHS Trust. He has been involved in the design and development of shared electronic clinical records since 1999 and has applied this learning within the Airedale and Bradford health economy, where such systems are routinely used for patient management in a number of specialty areas.

His talk will be entitled "Shared records - Shared care"

Dr Paul Schmidt
Paul Schmidt

Dr Paul Schmidt is an Associate Specialist in Acute Medicine at the Medical Assessment Unit in Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, and senior medical lecturer at the University of Portsmouth.

His research interests include the use of information technology to bring about quality improvement in acute health care processes. Much of his current work focuses on research, development and implementation as a member of the VitalPAC collaboration between Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, University of Portsmouth, and The Learning Clinic.

His talk is titled: "Improving access for medical admissions: the use of computer simulation techniques to improve patient flows".

Andy Turner
Andy Turner

Andy Turner is an Account Manager with Fujitsu Services. The Fujitsu Services NHS Account’s work with the NHS Connecting for Health is set to transform every aspect of NHS activity, enhancing the way patients interact with the service. Within the programme Andy has responsibility for Fujitsu Services activity in Hampshire and Isle of Wight, ensuring effective communication, understanding local needs and pressures and helping ensure that Fujitsu’s engagement with the NHS there is effective and efficient.

His title will be "Meeting the challenge of enabling efficient access to secure patient information whilst supporting clinical service redesign".

The organisers reserve the right to alter the programme without notice.

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